Exterior Design

Our La Casa Modular prefab living products are a new proudly-presented collection designed and developed by the makers of Escape Nomade who is behind the success of luxury tented villas and experiences in more than 250+ projects in 50+ countries of all climates around the world.

  • Strong. Elegant. Subliminal.
  • Pre-designed. Pre-engineered. Assembled on site
  • Materials with certifications & ratings
  • More outdoor living space with our veranda added to the front or along the sides of the building.
  • Complete the cozy living vibe with our handcraft furniture and design concepts.
Sizes to choose

La Casa Modular could range from 45 to 100+ sq.m., and can be two-storey tall with a range of materials to choose from.

La Casita, 45+ sqm

be as productive as you can be

La Finca, 75+ sqm

be as functional as you can be

La Residencia, 100+ sqm

be everything as you wish

Our materials

All materials have been chosen according to essential considerations including:

While high performance and easy maintenance are our priority, we still focus on choosing the texture, softness, visual comfort, and breathability of our materials that ‘feel good’ to residents or guests.
Product Comparison: La Casita vs La Finca vs La Residencia
La Casita
La Finca
La Residencia
Base Size
3.60 x 7.20 m
3.60 x 7.20 m
3.60 x 7.20 m
Side Wings
1.80 x 3.20 m per wing
7.20 x 9.60 m
2nd Floor
1.8 x 3.6 m (loft above
the bathroom)- can also be doubled
5.4 x 3.6 m
25 sq.m
1.8 x 3.6 m
1.8 x 3.6 m
1.8 x 3.6 m
No of rooms
Option 1
Option 2
Engineering Details
  • Sound & heat insulation is found in our roof and walls
  • Foundation: we use Concrete Point Foundation (CPF), which is the simplest lightest-footprint foundation while maintaining strength and earthquake resistance. The 9-12 Concrete Blocks can be easily poured into mounds based on our drawings and instructions.
  • Columns & pillars: they are made in WF Beam structures that are visually light and have double functions to support walls & doors. They can be either left without any cover or clad with teak wood in a choice of a light or dark tone.