About us

La Casa Modular by ESCAPE NOMADE

La Casa Modular Luxury Prefab Living is another new product line under Escape Nomade, who is a world-leading pioneer of the ‘Living Without Walls’ concept that inspires the hospitality, food and beverage, wellness, event industry, and more around the world with the eco-friendly Luxury Tented Villas.


Our Escape Nomade Luxury Tents are part of 200+ projects in 50+ countries, serving as luxury villas, restaurants, cafes, spas, yoga studios, wedding venues, and schools that withstand all kinds of climates from snowy, mountainous, tropical, jungle to desert zones. 

Behind the success is an extraordinary joint effort among the Dutch design, Swiss management, and Indonesian artisans. The concept ensures minimal environmental impact, expected timelines, durability, and modularity. 

With the same passion to challenge how we live in  traditional brick-and-mortar buildings and 17+ years in the business, Escape Nomade, our mother brand, has decided to create a new collection of Prefabricated Buildings, which still maintain the intentions to

  • minimize ground work and pollution
  • guarantee project timelines
  • control your budget
  • look and feel simply luxurious in all types of environments
  • be durable in all types of climates
  • be flexible to move if needed

Then, ‘La Casa Modular’ was born- a life lived with simplicity, flexibility, and luxury.

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